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2016 NAMFT Board & Committee Members:

Adrian Martin
President, Jan 2016-Dec 2018


Sherry Hubbard

Past-President, Jan 2016-Dec 2016

Rene Pretorius-Parks
President-Elect, Jan 2016-Dec 2017

Paul Springer
    Secretary, Jan 2014-Dec 2016

Vanessa Neuhaus
    Student/Associate Rep., Jan 2015-Dec 2016

Danielle Parrish
Treasurer, Jan 2014-Dec 2016

 Reka Kluver
Jan 2014-Dec 2016

Gabrielle Beadell
Jan 2015-Dec 2017

Cassandra Dittmer
Jan 2016-Dec 2018

Ann Hamilton
Jan 2015-Dec 2017
Greg Gross
Conference Chair

Anne Buettner
Legislative Chair

 Katie Kueny
    Elections Committee, Jan 2016-Dec 2018
 Tracy Minto
    Elections Committee, Jan 2015-Dec 2017
 Seanne Emerton
    Elections Committee, Jan 2014-Dec 2016

Legislative & Conference Chairs are appointed annually by the President with Board approval

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